August 21, 2018


Join us at Fine Food Australia

Fine Food

What a great reason to head to the foodie capital of Australia - Melbourne.

If you are in Melbourne 10-13 September now is your chance to see, feel and try on your new premium collection of luxurious, 100% organic cotton hospitality attire. We’ll be proudly exhibiting at Fine Food Australia, the leading trade exhibition for the food industry. There is free entry as well.

We’ll be showcasing our signature best selling items such as our range of Chef jackets and signature Chef shirts, as well as our colourful range of awesome aprons. This is also your chance to be the first to see our soon to be launched brand new additions to the premium Cream Collection.

Come and join us and your industry, and we’ll guide you in choosing the most comfortable, stylish, quality Chef attire. Find us at stand HP5

Please get your free tickets here as door entry is $30AUD.

August 21, 2018


How strong is your brand?

Cream Workwear Branding image

How important is it to have a strong brand? Extremely important. It’s not just about having a stylish logo, at the very core it’s about identity. What identity do you want your brand to project to the public and how will your customers identify with your brand?

Clever branding can increase the value of your company, provide your team with direction and motivation, and make it easier to acquire new customers. You want to stand out from your competitors, and you want recognition and loyalty from your customers. Think about businesses you have visited which have bowled you over with their branding - what exactly did you love about their style?

Design is a good place to start when planning your brand. Step outside and look at all the elements of your restaurant. Study your logo, the decor, your team’s attire, the food on the menu. Do all these elements promise to give your customer the experience they expect when they walk in? Do these elements fulfil your goals of how you want customers to experience your restaurant?

What is it about your restaurant that allows everything to tie in together? Consistency in the look and feel of your brand is the key to design success. It could be the vibrant green from your logo that is added as a pop of colour to the apron straps of your team, or the first page of menus, or elements of the decor such as napkins or window frames.

If you’re looking for inspiration, think about your last experience in a restaurant you hold great memories of. What made a lasting impression on you?. What do you remember from the experience? Was it the combination and subtle repetition of colours and textures throughout the room? Was it the way the staff theatrically presented your meal? Did the staff look presentable, proud and add to the slick dining experience?

When you think of the brand Coca Cola, what are the colours that spring to your mind? Immediately, you are able to answer with ‘red and white'. We’ve tested this question often on our customers and their answer is always red and white. Why? Coca Cola never deviates from their iconic brand colours. Whether it's a new season, or if they’re presenting at an exclusive event, the colours are always red and white. Coca Cola own these two colours, which are internationally recognised and associated with the brand, just as you should own your own the colours associated with your branding so that your customers can easily recognise, refer and relate to you. Don’t send a message of confusion by using multiple colours. Less is more.

Perhaps you’re thinking of rebranding your team’s attire so that there is more cohesion to the overall look and feel of your brand? It’s never too late to rebrand your team. The revamped Quay recently opened its doors to the public and while the decor and menu have been well received, Gourmet Traveller's review began with an unflattering comment about how unattractive the new uniforms looked. This is not a mistake you want to be making in your restaurant. Your team's attire should impress customers and enhance your brand, not weigh it down, or receive negative reviews.

If you have no idea where to start and how to go about refreshing and rebranding your team’s attire, we’ll guide you to achieve a whole new look which will strengthen your brand and make your team look sensational. We have been consulted by teams all around the world on creating their brand from scratch, as well as advising on the best way to move forward with rebranding. We would love to help you achieve your brand success.


August 21, 2018


Hint, hint, wink, wink

Cream workwear Father's day

Fathers Day is just 10 days away, and if you haven’t already been dropping hints about what you would love to unwrap on your special day, now is the time to start!

Your perfect gift for yourself, your chef partner, father, or grandfather  - premium quality Cream attire. Ask your family to gift you a meaningful, purposeful gift, like our signature 100% organic cotton white chef jacket, or cool and comfortable short sleeve chef shirt just in time for Spring. Want to really feel spoilt? Ask for an apron in your favourite colour - there are seven to choose from. 

August 21, 2018


Please join us in rewarding you

Cream Elite Loyalty plan

We recently told you about our plans to reward you for your loyalty with our very own loyalty program, and we were overwhelmed with survey responses. Thank you for your valuable input.

We are excited to announce that your new Cream Elite Loyalty Program will be going live very soon.

To get a head start so that you can begin reaping the rewards when we launch, make sure you have created a store account with us, and that you stay subscribed to this newsletter as they are both ways which you can earn loyalty points. 

As a way of saying thank you for your loyalty, you’ll be able to receive points for all your past purchases.

To set up your account click on this link here and watch this space for more details of our launch

August 21, 2018


Why choose Cream Workwear?

Cream workwear Premium 100% Organic Cotton

What's different about our chefs uniforms compared to other chefs uniforms?

We’re glad you asked!

We are the only company who makes our entire collection of chef attire in 100% organic cotton. This ensures the fabric is breathable, comfortable, feels great on your skin and keeps you as cool as possible while you’re at work in a hot kitchen.

Organic cotton is good for your skin and great for the environment because it is free of toxic pesticides. Most chefs attire are made from 65% polyester, meaning the chefs who aren’t wearing Cream Collection are actually wearing plastic in their hot kitchens. Our attire will not cause irritating rashes, as there is no irritant in the fabric.

Aside from the premium quality breathable material, our designs are unique as we have thought of every aspect of functionality that can improve your experience being a leader of your field. Our chef jackets provide you with the convenience of attached ergonomic buttons so you don’t have to remove and reattach buttons with every wash, and the versatility of pocket and sleeve length options. All the chef jackets and chef shirts have an extra tab at the back of the neck to hold the neck strap of your apron securely in place so it doesn’t rise up and irritate your skin. We’ve thought of everything so that all your attention can be devoted to your work of art on a plate.

Our slick chef shirt is a perfect example of style not taking a backseat to comfort, with its button down collar tips, French turn back cuffs, concealed front opening and slimline fit.

Premium quality, sustainable fashion. The best hospitality attire in the industry designed for the industry’s best.

August 05, 2018


Everyone loves denim.


Everyone loves denim. Timeless and modern at the same time, versatile and comfortable.

Can you imagine your team wearing a beautiful denim linen shirt?

Can you imagine your team wearing the most comfortable apron they've ever worn?

Can you imagine your team looking slick in this denim apron with superbly comfortable cross back straps made from Black Organic Cotton? 

We're here to help you strengthen your restaurant's image with a unique custom designed apron that your team will love to wear.

Call us now on 1300 84 62 63 and let's get your team looking slick.

August 05, 2018


Food Collective Reward

Every time you shop with Food Collective, Unilever Food Solutions helps OzHarvest feed someone in need, and rewards you with loyalty points that can be redeemed for great rewards. It’s a win- win! View full article →
August 05, 2018

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To you, for you - it’s all about you


You’re powerful, creative, passionate. A leader. We know you work long and hard. We know you deserve the best.

You know quality when you see it. You love the combination of incredible comfort and style in your Cream attire. You feel great, which enables you to create absolute magic in the kitchen. We love having you be a part of the Cream Elite.

And now it’s time to reward you.

To show how much we appreciate your loyalty, we are about to launch our very own Loyalty Program, which means you will able to put the points you accumulate from your purchases towards very achievable rewards.

This is where we need your input. The Loyalty Program is for you, the rewards are for you, and what we decide to offer as rewards should be what you want.

What would you love to receive as a reward for purchasing Cream attire? Please let us know by completing this short survey. Tell us and we will do our best to make it all about you, and watch this space for the launch of your Cream Elite Loyalty program.

Access the survey at this link.

August 05, 2018


Spotlight on the Super Rick

Quick fastening press studs instead of buttons, and sleeve tabs to roll up and secure the short sleeve to even shorter length, this is a sexy, versatile version of the white chef shirt, and the first to grab people’s attention at food shows and in our studio. Popular with the guys and the ladies, we guarantee you won’t feel like you are wearing a uniform. View full article →
August 05, 2018


Only the best for the best

His restaurant has been awarded best in the world or second best in the world every year for the past five years. His prowess and creativity in the kitchen has been celebrated with three Michelin stars. He is also a happy customer and one of the original members of the Cream Elite.

Spanish chef Jordi Roca, of internationally renowned El Celler de can Roca, and what has been described as a gelato version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Rocambolesc loves his Cream attire so much that not only does he and his wife Alejandra Rivas, a pastry chef success story in her own right, wear it to work, they chose to wear their Cream attire in their new roles as Spinta Bikes ambassadors

You can watch them gallivanting around the town on the Spinta urban electrical bikes in this fantastic video above. Enjoy!

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