Cream Workwear Organic Cotton Chambray

Your team will perform better, not get flustered, and achieve outstanding results. 

If you look at the wash care label in your team's uniforms, you’ll see what they’re made of.  

Most uniforms are made of polyester. Polyester essentially is plastic. As you know, plastic is hot and very uncomfortable to wear, causing irritability & annoyance.

There is a great solution to irritability & annoyance, it's robust organic cotton - Cream Workwear organic cotton uniforms feel wonderful to wear as cotton naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, leaving the wearer cool, calm & comfortable and able to cope under stress. Our uniform fabrics are uniquely woven fabrics - smooth and comfortable against the skin, with a special weave which makes them stretch when the wearer moves, and organic cotton means no harmful chemicals against the skin.

We guarantee you that you and your team will feel better from the inside out when you wear CREAM WORKWEAR and ultimately perform better.  




 Why organic?

Because Real Organic Cotton feels awesome to wear and work in. There is nothing better. Cool, Comfortable, Robust Organic cotton. 

Did you know that most cotton is grown by using toxic pesticides? But - Organic cotton is 100% natural, toxic free and chemical free. When pesticides are sprayed onto food or cotton crops, these pesticides affect birdlife, bees, soil health, and seep into waterways which ultimately run off into the oceans affecting fresh water and marine life. Pesticides also have an adverse affect on communities living with farming zones, but ultimately they affect you by the food you eat and the clothing you wear. 
Wouldn't you prefer to support a healthy, eco-friendly process of farming?  Together with better crop rotation practices, organic cotton farming has brought hope and health back to hundreds of communities and the land they live on. 

The bottom line is - you and your team will  feel awesome wearing it. ORGANIC COTTON CERTIFICATION


Meet the creatives at the studio

Pam​ is the creative director and founder of CREAM Workwear. She's an advocate of organic​ & ethical business practices. Pam will capture the essence of your unique brand and revolutionise your staff uniforms to create team pride, which sustains happy & productive staff.

When she's not designing you'll find Pam chasing sunshine in nature, appreciating art and the exploring the latest "green" solution to everything we touch.

Growing up in South Africa and settling into Sydney life, Pam rises and steps out early everyday to experience the sun rise and to appreciate nature at it's finest hour. 



 Scarlet has an eye for precision, from creating the technical specifications for the uniforms to quality controlling all organic cotton uniforms which are dispatched to you and your teams.

She's the perfect match for CREAM Workwear as she's inherited her mum's skill of industrial sewing and she has a great respect for the hospitality industry as her dad is a master of creating fine Yum Cha and her brother is following in his dad's footsteps and training to become a chef.