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Who stocks CREAM WORKWEAR garments?

  • QCC, located in East Brisbane, QLD, Australia have a limited range of our super comfortable garments.
  • Wagga Catering Equipment located in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia also have a limited range.
  • If you would like CREAM WORKWEAR stocked close to you, send us the name of your favourite stockist and we'll see to it. You can also encourage your favourite stockist to to contact us, so that we can both help you to get into your new awesome uniforms.

I've seen a picture of an apron and a jacket  I want but I can't find them anywhere, can you make it?

Sure we can. Send us the picture of the garments, we'll sketch it up for you just as you want.

Our minimums on a custom designed style is just 50 pieces. That's better than you'll find anywhere else.

Can I get a sample of your classic styles before buying ?

  • Best is to order one of every size which you, or your team may need. Order it online here.
  • Within 3 days you will receive these samples to fit on for size.
  • Keep the size and style you love, and return post us the balance. Within 24hrs of us receiving the returned garments, we will credit your money straight back into your account.
  • Please note all garments returned, must be returned in the same state that they were received, otherwise they will not be credited.
  • Now that you know the style and size which you love the most, order more online here and you'll receive them within 3 days.

How can we trust that you will refund the money?

  • Good question. Our reputation is paramount, and we want to keep our customers happy by trusting us. Test us out.
  • Please note all garments returned, must be returned in the same state that they were received, otherwise they will not be credited.

Do organic cotton garments need extra care?

None what so ever. Just wash as you would any other garment.

  • Separate white garments from colour garments.
  • Wash at 40 degrees.
  • Line dry in the shade. (harsh sunshine can cause fading and dis-colouration)

How do I remove a food related stain from my garment?

  • Remove as much of the excess stain as possible by rinsing under running water as soon as possible.
  • Spray with a stain remover, we recommend EARTH CHOICE Pre - wash stain remover. 
  • Wash as normal in washing machine.

Can I tumble dry my garment?

Sure, but it's not a good idea for the environment, nor for your electricity bill. Outdoor air is free

If you must tumble dry your garments, don't turn the heat up high, as you will only cause the creases to set, as with high heat you're essentially baking the creases in. Tumble dry on a cool setting, and remove just before perfectly dry and iron.

A slightly damp garment will be easier to iron than a very crisp, dry garment.